10 Best Fashion Bloggers in India for style inspiration

Most of you think what a great and easy life must these women lead. We’re sorry we have to burst your bubble. Being a social media influencer is not that easy. It takes a lot of hardwork, talent and patience. In a world where there is a constant criticism, it is tough to put yourself up on the internet. It requires a great deal of confidence. Kudos to all the strong independent and successful women making a living out of what they love to do. Always keeping it stylish are the top 10 influencers you must be followed for style inspiration.

1. Aashna shroff aka snobjournal

 Aashna shroff aka snobjournalHer style translates easy, chic, wearable outfits. Daily outfit inspo can easily be found. Back in the day, she ventured into one of the biggest highlights of her career, being Snob Shop. This was an online retail store where her taste was evidently making most of us swoon and also have a chance at replicating it. She’s a blogger turned to a youtuber that creates various lookbooks, shopping hauls and her most famous video that went viral was The Bra Talk!

2. Aashna bhagwani 

Aashna bhagwani

Best things come in a small packages does not apply here. This not so little but very FABULOUS lady runs a blog on curvy fashion,something that had been overlooked by the fashion industry for the longest time ever. Her approach is not too quirky and the whole vibe around it is chic,sophisticated,dainty very easily semi formal wear. Most of the curvy brands have collaborated with her and if you’re all about that base trust me there’s no trebel!

3. Aakanksha Redhu 

Aakanksha Redhu

Either of the redhu sister’s have definitely at least once popped up in all our instagram explore’s. Akanksha runs a very succesfull blog and has been known to work with luxury brands like Burberry,Marc Jacobs,Dior and the list gets longer. This blog also is as touristy as it gets because her gram is occasionally full of these amazing views from hotels and also runs by a hashtag called #RedhuTravels It is a mixture of affordable and high end clothing.

4. Shreya Kalra

Shreya Kalra

French hats,fuzzy warm winter clothes and a mom jeans enthusiast is known for her effortless style. The delhi girl is anything but loud and all over the place. Serving looks after looks this babe is anything but schlumpy with her art of layering. She also very recently got hitched so it’s raining,” meri shaadi mein,mujhe yeh pehen’na hai ” for most of us. Her taste is subtle and goes very minimalistic with the accesorizing jam except her sun glasses. Those are big,those are more hi i’ve arrived and there is nothing we love more than that.

5.  Shereen Sikka Bharwani aka loveandotherbugs 

Shereen Sikka Bharwani aka loveandotherbugs

If in a parallel universe they didn’t know what being EXTRA AF meant then we would definitely use shereen as a reference to give a more clarity. While definitely giving a run to most fashion bloggers by her impeccable ability to not only serve lewks for daze but also literally add a reality check to every trend around the corner. Not so basic shereen has also been around the corner for over 10 to 12 years into the scene. She is also seen sporting a lot of athleisure clothing that looks just about right for the weekends or even while traveling. We also relate to her undying love for pizza.

6. Juhi Godambe

Juhi Godambe

All things editorial and vogue this girl is making us go crazy with her off the shoulder looks. Her posts are more to the practical business casual wear. Her approach is minimalistic,colourful yet pleasantly easy to replicate. Irrespective of how not so heavy on the pocket most clothing that appears on her feed is her bags and shoes cost a fortune. This way you get a basic idea of how much use you could get out of your Louis vuitton tote if you went the extra mile to break your funds and get one for yourself.

7. Anushka Hajela Moore aka mascaraeverysaturday

Anushka Hajela Moore aka mascaraeverysaturday

The girl has a skirt for every occassion, that we must say. She is one of those ” how are her nails and hair perfect all the time” sort of people. She has a feed to die for and is the classic old school blogger that keeps it real. We love everything about her perfectly maintained feed. This red lipstick enthusiast is also known for all things feminine. You’ll see a lot tassels,ruffles and frills on her instagram. We wouldn’t say she’s the most experimental with colours but she definitely does not play safe. It’s great to follow someone who wears a lot of colours because it may make you want to pull out that yellow top which is hidden somewhere beneath your closet.

8.  Santoshi Shetty aka Thestyledge

 Santoshi Shetty aka Thestyledge

Looking like she’s fresh off the ramp is Miss Santoshi Shetty or fancy pants! Quiet literally we love her affair with different types of bottoms. We are absolutely gaga over her vacay pictures,they are the sort of reality check you need. Instantly reminding us about our new year’s resolution to get fit, Santoshi posts a lot of pictures of outfits she wears while travelling which mostly are affordable or easily available. She has a street chic sense of style and there’s nothing we don’t love about that.

9. Sherry Shroff

Sherry Shroff

Sherry shroff is a very well known lifestyle blogger. She has been in the youtube scene since the longest time. An energetic ” HI GUYS ” is the first thing you’ll hear after tapping on any of her videos. She does a lot of shopping hauls on her youtube. Mostly sarojini and a part of us wants to take the next flight to delhi after seeing those. She also films a lot of  lookbooks that we actually enjoy and derive something from. She studied law but ended up being a full time youtuber. How unexpected can life be ?

10. Dolly Singh aka spill_the_sass

Dolly Singh aka spill the sass

All things “chatput chatput” we can never have enough of dolly. Her instagram is very synonymous to what is safe to call a prints gallore. The woman is always rocking a sleek middle parting and wearing prints on prints or prints on prints. We recommend her youtube channel where she recreates celebrity looks. She also does some very amazing clothing hauls and lookbooks that are absolutely stunning. Another thing to look forward to is her how to wear a denim jacket in 5 ways video.

I have shortlist some best fashion bloggers in India which not only help you to upgrade your wardrobe as well improves  your appearance to make yourself more fashionable.

Do let me know whose your favourite fashion bloggers? Please do mention it in the comments or contact me and I’d be glad to consider listing them  into this post.

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