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Want to style daily and make a style statement!!! If its “YES” then you are at right place. We are your free online personal stylists for daily wear or your wardrobe consultant.

All of us have our most challenging breakdowns in terms of what to wear. There could be over three tons of clothes in your wardrobe and each time you go to clean it, it may seem like Narnia’s closet but still on a day where you need to be dressed for an occasion you have “nothing to wear”.

Here is where we step in, we at The Daily Wear help you turn yourself into the quintessential stylish self you can be. Wouldn’t all of us would love to look all dressy and have a 10/10 banging outfit but time and energy both fight us. While I really love Deepika’s airport looks and her stylist Shaleena Nathani in no way would it is possible to afford something of that sort.

Celebrity stylists are 90% of the time responsible for how a celebrity is portrayed. While we believe most outfits and accessories come free to these fame entitled beings their stylists don’t. Trust me when I got to know how much a celeb paid her stylist I had to take a hot minute and just soak it all in because my entire education didn’t cost as much! I know right?

Free online personal stylists for your unique style sense



The daily wear is your stylist and takes a wild guess how much it is going to cost you? One lac sixty-two thousand nothing ! (basically FREE). YOU HEARD ‘EMmmhmm Call us your fairy godmother cause you deserve it (you deserve it all and I’m going to give it to you). You deserve to look and feel good, you deserve to not go broke just to serve looks. We will help you put your best foot forward because of you honey, you were born to conquer the world and you must dress like it.

We work on every post to benefit your day to day appearance and each post links to an ensemble or individual pieces which is a straight-up investment to no one other than you because we focus on how to not go bankrupt but still look like a million bucks and did I mention all of this for free?

Now you must wonder if we are about the whole dressy shenanigans ONLY for the weekends or a day out but we are much more realistic and cater to outfits that are super business class and chic at the same time. Outfits that are ideally meant for the workplace but you’ll definitely wear them post it to flex for da gram!

Enough about us, this is your shot at taking your style in your hands and first handedly being responsible for how you are perceived. All you have to do is show us some love, sign yourself up and you get notified of every post. Can’t wait to keep interacting with all of you!!!

To looking and feeling beautiful and confident!

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Sofiya Shaikh is a techie for startups as well as mid level company. Started career as software developer by fate. She is a passionate style consultant and also adventurous. She blogs about styling daily. Strongly believes "Style talks ". Make your presence noticed and leave hours of styling gossip behind. Contact her.

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