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If I could ask for one thing in life it’d be Carrie Bradshaw’s closet (fictional character and lead character of the HBO romantic sitcom Sex and the City). It is what dreams are made of. Although, Carrie Bradshaw didn’t one day wake up looking like lady Dior. She spent her entire month’s pay cheque on a pair of shoes and then went on looking for a $7 dress to pair it with. Alas, that was all she could afford. She eventually got recognized after being on the cover of vogue. But only portrayed as a mess with the terms ” I do. Do I? ”

The second to none blue eyed beauty making us dream about being proposed with Manolo Blahnik’s is such a style icon though. I would love if life in reality was a ‘Sex and the City movie’. Now one thing I love and is a part of reality is that you can look like the Carrie without actually breaking your bank! YES MA’AM. Here is a list of best  fashion websites for shopping trendy clothes online that will make everyday feel and look just as good.

1) Shein

shein logo

Now we all have been there. Seen ads of it pop up on our feeds and wondered if it is a diddle. It was initially very tough to believe that these oh so tumblr inspired clothes were priced at astounding prices. This site has never failed to surprise us. The sales’ they have are just an add on of how practically impossible it feels to buy stuff that’s priced otherwise almos thrice the price on shein. Welcome to reality, shein is not a diddle!!! It’s the most affordable and trendy website for office wear. This is the sort of place you find everything except for Indian clothes. We’re talking skirts, formal/casual shirts the cutest statement tee-shirts and the most affordable and adorable pajama sets.

2) The Label Life

the lable life logoThe label life is where Sussane Khan,Malaika Arora Khan and Bipasha Basu curate styles. The ladies are known for their keen sense of chic style. This is the place if you want to shop at if  you do a 9 to 5 but you’re there to look like a fashion icon. They are all about breezy silhouettes and very basic yet great picks for office wear. You never want to feel under-dressed to work. Still you don’t want to be over-dressed either. This is just about the right place to pick your options. They are not the most fancy,full of work,loud attire selling brand but they definitely know how to add an OOMPH to your monotone monday. May not be the most affordable but definitely recommend.

3) Fashionnova fashion nova logo

If you don’t know about fashionova you must definitely live under a rock. For all my curvy babes out there that struggle with finding a good co-ord set or denims this site is a game changer. They are known for creating racy outfits that accentuate curves and also for lounge wear. Now as much as we love the boujee thot vibe it’s not quite the place you buy clothes that you want to wear to work. However i’m going to let that slip and just tell you they always have something on the lines of 20-30% off. The drawback could be the fact that they are a US based site hence their pricing is in $$$$ other than that you better work fashionnova !

4) Stalkbuylove

stalkbuylove logoThe name being self explanatory this website has everything that you need. From joggers to cigarette pants that you’ve been seeing all over the internet. From ruffle sleeves too bating ones. The trendiest formal as well as casual wear are best found here.

5) Pretty Little Things

prettylittlething logoComing up with the most aesthetic and basic clothing,pretty little thing is a place for your ratchet yet chic secretary inner self. If you want to look boujee but you’re eating maggi for dinner this site has you covered. Those ever so famous faux mink coats galore happens to be here. From basic to va va voom they’ve got you covered. Not as per usual forgetting women of shape,which are really flattering. They also have one of the best collections of co-ords. One thing to keep in mind is that they’re not Indian so currency may vary.

6) Nykaa


The first of it’s kind for India, nykaa is stop shop for all things make up and skin care. They have the best of make up from affordable drugstore make up to luxe skincare. You name it. It also happens to be the first authorized Indian retailer for Huda beauty products. They also have created their own line of makeup products they initially started with nail lacquer then lipsticks and now highlighters etc. Nykaa has also some great deals on facemasks. So let’s stock up on those.

7) All about you

Allaboutyou logo

We love our babe Deepika. She’s not always wearing stuff fresh off the runway. But, she’s known for minimalist yet statement looks that we are always trying to rip off. The only barrier happens to be affordability. The fact that the brand represents Deepika’s style while not being that up there is price is everything we signed up for and more!

8) Asos

asos logo

Now what’s better than your cousin buying you clothes while coming back from london? you buying them for yourself and as many as you like. I say this for a cause. Asos has a huge variety of brands in categories of clothes, accessories, make up and aesthetic stationery. You again have a problem with currency but trust me you’re making savings and only savings if you abide by what I tell you right now. CAUSE : There is always a 70% clearance sale and you will find the best of stuff there. You can also get fancier unreleased campaign collections that we barely get in India are on ASOS. The shipping is a little expensive no doubt but if you’re buying a lot of stuff which I’m sure you will it’s not all that bad.

9) Ajio

Ajio logoIn a previous shopping experience ajio outran every shopper’s expectations. While saving 70% on a bag and 40% on a sweatshirt who wouldn’t love this bargain. Over everything they have their own brand of exquisite hand loom and some great looking ethnic wear. Being a reliance initiative their approach is firstly providing affordability. That being said it has not gained as much popularity as most frivolous shopping sites but we save a special space for Ajio.

10) Myntra 

Myntra Logo

Tried and true this is a fashion warehouse. We being impulsive shoppers that we are have failed to make savings because of the marketing team Myntra has. There has to be some sort of wizardry involved because they seem to have sales every damn minute. Myntra is a hub for ample of brands that are luxe and also not very known and affordable. This is where you want to shop for most of your expensive watches from brands like fossil, guess and Micheal Kors cause the discounts will come through.

11) Wrogn

wrogn logo

Ever so handsome dapper boy not only blows us away with his hardworking persona and excellent talent on field but also with his new venture. Wrogn is a clothing brand for someone who struggles with wanting to look semi casual. Their collection has a lot of plaid shirts which we love and great basic must have pieces. There are also some great formals. That being said it is not the most affordable brand in the market but it definitely is not out of our league.

12) Jabong

jabong logo

Somehow Jabong didn’t gain as much popularity in the beginning. Oldie but a goodie always has a range of options to choose from and the most huge sales on bags a sportswear. They also got various brands that we don’t really have access to like new balance. Love how they categorize looks and create various different alternatives while displaying a product. We have always found jabong to be a better bet because the discounts got us shook fam. Not only that but the variety never really ends.

13) Amazon

amazon logo

Big moma is in the bldg. We say that cause no matter what you’re looking for amazon has it. Running shoes for dad ? check. Tupperware for mom ? check. Next day delivery for your impulsive shopping that you did because you needed to distress yourself but your now existing low control on expenditure is giving you stress ? heck. I mean check. Apni dukaan has literally anything you need and can cater to your wants like no other.

14) Flipkart :

Flipkart logo

Flipkart has us all flipping with the amount of discounts they have going on all year long. The big billion days that flipkart is known for are better than it ever gets. I mean you could buy that Biba set without actually feeling like you spent more than you should’ve. Isn’t that amazing?

15) Snapdeal :

snapdeal logo

Been here for longer than ever is Snapdeal. The best place to get the freshest deals. They almost always end up somehow being the most cost efficient. That being said they also have great amount of variety for every price range.

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