Rock with White High Waist Denim Causally

Black and white is one of most elegant monochromatic combinations. Being one of the easiest colors to pair, this combination is hard to mess up. We love how simple yet fancy this pair looks. It creates an impact without much effort. To jazz it up a little we added some statement emerald earrings. A pair of emerald earrings is so easy to pair with almost anything.

In addition we love how this multiple strap footwear adds some neutral accents. Since we have chose to go monochromatic we paired it with these neutral pastel pink and gold flats. This pair is ideal because of it’s ability to have three colors and still act as a neutral pair of flats. It’s pairs like these you get the most use of.

You don’t almost have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks. Not even quarter of a million or eighth’s let’s quit math’s and talk about today’s look. It’s easy breezy and super caszzz. There’s something about white denims that does so much for a look. It almost helps you amp anything up just a notch without having to do much. I am huge on trying to save while I shop because of what use are those clothes that you can’t wear to go out and how the hell are you going to go out if you broke m8?

This look emphasizes on casual glam like “oh this ? haha I just threw it on”. This is the sort of outfit you could wear to almost anywhere(almost, don’t come at me). A brunch date, night out with your girls and probably to work. Depending on where you are going you can dress it up or down. When you’re going out just for brunch you add some shades and a bunch of chunky bracelets. Perhaps at night with some statement earrings and/or some dainty neck pieces.

ootd for evening get together


Now, clavicle (collar bones) is the new cleavage. And we’re all about off the shoulder tops that accentuate it. That’s one of the things we should not leave in 2017. Depending on where you are you could pull this one off as an off the shoulder or pull the sleeves and make it have a square neckline. Since we were all about embracing the collarbones we made sure they were getting all the attention.


look book ootd

Don’t all of us decide outfits on how much we’re going to have to eat or drink? We all have a pair of pants that we’d wear but only if we commit that we are barely eating once they’re on. Are we ready for that sort of commitment? no we’re not. If you relate to this high waisted denims are your best friend quiet literally.

Over all Outfits worth for just Rs. 3488/-

The one’s in the above picture white high waist denim are from zara (Rs. 1890) they are a great fit and not that thick of a denim material which doesn’t have us feeling uneasy also they have some stretch to them. This also goes with almost anything cause 1st it’s WHITE and 2nd  it’s ZARA!

The Embroidered Off-Shoulder Top was a definite steal and let me break a stereotype for you,here. This little number was from fbb,yes. FBB does some bomb stuff for a very good deal (Rs.699).

Moving on,now all of everybody needs and has tan flats or like us a dozen. I urge you I really do to check out westside for some everyday neutral or bohemian dose for flats(Rs.899/-). These one’s are not so bohemian but neutral and still add a little something to your outfit. They were from a brand called Luna Blu which happens to be a Westside store in-house brand.


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