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Hello Everyone!!!

Thank you for visiting this page and my glad that you are glancing through my blog – the daily wear.

Myself Sofiyaa, a true Mumbaikar in my 20s am passionate about fashion and styling in day to day life.

Being a software developer was by fate and you know how family was concern about taking up science stream you will relate if you are 1990s kid. haha 😛

Having spent almost 6 years in IT industry, still the passion for styling myself and others didn’t fade away.

What is styling daily for me?

 Styling does not mean burn your pocket and buying attire for one day which you won’t wear again just it will get repeated and what people will think does she have one dress to wear it for all occasion? (Inner me: Excuse me, the cost of dress is more than half of your salary :P)

For me styling means is a mixture of color, attire and soul. Styling is proportionately mixing clothes, shoes, bag and cosmetics in a particular way for each day.

Styling is an art that define persona!!!

What inspires me to start a fashion blog or be a fashion blogger in this digital era?

I being a big time shopper is fond of window shopping. For me shopping is a stress relief, self treat and spending time with friend. Ooh I forgot bargaining and asking for more and more discount, polishing our inborn skill all the time with each and every possible tactics.

Shopping for my friends and family be it any personal/ official occasion or for causal day was my cup of tea as I was shopping since my first year of college. By the end of my education I knew almost all the places at least in Mumbai where once can shop with the budget started from Colaba causeway to Bandra link road to Infinity mall, Phoenix market city, High Street Phoenix and much more. These are few places where you can find apparel, accessory, bags, shoes and so on within one’s budget.

Starting career in IT wasn’t a cake walk and putting more than 100%  to achieve it, is putting extra cream on cake with zero incentives.

Benefits of online shopping

Due to lack of time and stress life somewhere down the line I started doing online shopping. When I got used to online shopping, I found the following benefits:-

  1. Number of vendor on one platform
  2. Variety of apparel along with material description
  3. Good regular discount
  4. Black Friday offers …. WOW
  5. Offer based on occasion
  6. Easy Return Policy except Makeup, perfumes (do let me know if i missed by commenting below)
  7. Online transaction and even Cash on delivery
  8. Shipping along with tracking

Hope you have also felt the same when you do online shopping. If not, then sign in we will help you do shopping online.

I do remember the very first time i have done online shopping for shoes, in order to check my shoe size all have done is tore paper from my young brother’s drawing book and outline my foot to check its length in cm which was equal to UK 5.(If anyone wish to gift shoes to me now u know my shoe size… please be my secret Santa… I don’t mind if Santa comes in any month along with gift… :P). My very first shopping was awesome and up to the mark.

Catwalk Women Black Casual ShoeImage credit : Myntra

A hitch of online shopping

After shopping few times online, when I have to once return  top just because the material was not up to the mark. Then I realise one glitch we have when we shop online is we cannot feel the product when we are buying, however a BIG THANK to easy return policy.

After 4 Year of online shopping most of time, there are many ecommerce or you can say online shopping website are available. However it become  difficult to sum up the look for myself and for my love ones (actually many of us).So I decide to take initiative to write a blog.

The Daily Wear Blog offers

Here I would able to style people for FREE for their day to day life be it office wear or daily wear or on occasions. Also able to guide them for shopping with a budget. Giving them a perfect look for the day and make them feel confident about themselves.

Having fashion sense within a budget if a god gift and according to me it should be spread for FREE.

Be Stylish, Be Unique…. lets your style talks in your absence.

Hope now you know about me and if you are curious to know more please drop comment below will update about information.

Spread the Style

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